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5 Amazing Desserts to Make with Leftover Halloween Candy

Milky Way Midnight Lava Cake

The day after Halloween is a day that most of us realize that our kitchens are full of tiny candy bars. Whether we bought extra to give out to costumed kids or your kids brought home a few tubs full themselves, the candy bars are there. They keep for a long time in their snack size wrappers, so you can munch your way through them slowly over the course of a few weeks. Or, you could do something a little more creative with them and use them as a featured ingredient in a more interesting – and more delicious – dessert.

Halloween Candy Lava Cakes are my favorite way to use up those mini candy bars. They’re a twist on a classic molten chocolate cake with a filling that you won’t find in the standard recipe. Any chocolate bar will work, but I prefer those with caramel and nougat centers (such as Snickers, Milky Way, etc.) that get perfectly melty in the oven as the cake bakes.


Candy Bar Stuffed Baked Apples also have a melting chocolate center made from leftover Halloween candy. The combination of apples and chocolate in this is a little bit like an inside out candy apple, with chocolate, caramel and – depending on what chocolates you use – pieces of shortbread or nuts.

Butterfinger Oatmeal Cookies use salty sweet Butterfinger candy bars in more traditional way, chopping them up and adding them to a buttery oatmeal cookie dough. They add a great color and flavor to the cookies, making them even more addictive than your average oatmeal cookie.


In addition to cookies, you can also work Halloween candy into a Halloween Candy Bundt Cake. This brown sugar bundt cake isn’t too sweet and is a great base for all kinds of chocolate candies, which add extra sweetness to the cake as they swirl through the batter. This is another recipe where candy bars with a little variety – peanut butter, nuts, caramel and cookie centers – will all blend together well to add flavor and texture to the cake.

Count Chocolua cereal isn’t Halloween candy, but it’s a Halloween treat that won’t be on the shelves for very long once the holiday is over. Count Chocula Cereal Milk Ice Cream is a fun way to turn this classic breakfast cereal into an elegant dessert that will still remind you of those Saturday morning cartoons you watched as a kid.

Mini Halloween Candies!

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  • Christin
    November 3, 2013

    Leftover halloween candy?!…hmmm… haha. Great ideas here… even if I do need to buy more candy to try them out 🙂

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