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Oreo is Offering $500K To Invent a New Flavor

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Oreo's $500K Cookie Creation Contest

If you manage to create the next Oreo cookie flavor, you could take home $500,000, as well as the glory of knowing you added to the history of one of the world’s most recognizable cookies. For the past few years, Oreo has been coming out with a wide variety of seasonal twists on their classic creme-filled sandwiches. Flavors have ranged from Watermelon to S’mores and everything in between. The novelty of the seasonal flavors is a nice change of pace from the classic, even if some are a little tastier than others.

Over at Nabisco, however, they’re looking to get some outside inspiration and recently launched the My Oreo Creation Contest, where you can potentially win $500,000 if you come up with the next Oreo flavor. Three other finalists can win $25,000. You can enter the contest once by Text, by Social Media (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) or via the My Oreo Creation Contest website. You can read the full rules here (it’s a PDF, just so you know, on the PR site), but it’s easy to enter, so you might as well get your best ideas together and send them off! Your cookies just might get made into the “real thing” and you could take home a nice check to go with them. Even if you don’t win, it’s still fun to get creative!

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  • Charlie Harris
    May 10, 2017

    New peaches and cream oreo would appeal to a whole string of people who would like the taste also there another ideal bananas cream pie with a strawberries swirl. These product will help give the company a good addition to theOreo cookie lines of different favors.

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