Limited Edition Watermelon Oreos, reviewed

Watermelon Oreos
Oreo has been coming out with all kinds of limited edition flavors, giving consumers new flavors to look forward to throughout the year. Some flavors have been bigger hits than others, such as the Halloween Candy Corn flavor that sold out before the end of September the first year it was released. This summer, Oreo fans will find limited edition Watermelon Oreos in stores (I found them at Target in my area), a nod to one of the most refreshing summertime treats out there, in cookie form.

I was not a big fan of these summertime Oreos. I don’t usually review products that I don’t like, but was so intrigued by these I felt that they warranted at least a few comments. The filling had a fantastic look to it and it really tasted like watermelon. The problem with the cookies is that I would never expect an Oreo to taste like watermelon – and the fact that this one did was a little bit disconcerting for me. I preferred to eat the cream by itself and the cookies separately, though I admit that you do need something to hold together the filling because it is a bit sweet if you eat it without any cookie to hold it up. I am positive that I would have loved these as a kid. I loved watermelon flavored popsicles, candies and jelly beans. Watermelon Oreos are an easy extension of that for a kid. So while I won’t be eating too many of these myself this summer, I have a feeling that they’ll still be a hit if I put them out at a weekend barbecue alongside the rest of the desserts.

Limited Edition Watermelon Oreos, reviewed


  1. I’ve been curious about these for awhile now. Thank you for your honest review! I’m a big fan of Oreos, but have been too timid to try them. Now I KNOW I’m not missing out when I go straight for the classic!

  2. We don’t get the limited edition flavours in england (which is really, really annoying) but these look intriguing, but I can’t work out if they seem lovely or horrible!

    I tend to dislike the flavour of chemically created Watermelon taste, but if I could get my hands on some I’m sure I’d give them a go anyway.

    S xo.

  3. Sammy – They’re definitely unique, I’ll say that for them! I love the novelty of limited editions in all kinds of treats.

  4. Ugh I tried these about a week ago and did not like them at all. And I love watermelon & oreos! These were just gross…


  6. They actually look quite tasty to me I’ll go try them from the store :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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