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Oreo Eggs, reviewed

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Oreo Eggs, reviewed

A few months ago, I learned that Cadbury was selling Oreo creme-filled chocolate eggs in Canada. Some early pictures made it look as though the cookies n’ cream creme filling would be soft, much like that of a Cadbury creme egg, though pictures of the product in stores showed a firmer center. Oreo fans in the US began to clamor for a taste of this treat and, earlier this year, it was confirmed that we would get to have a taste of a very similar treat. I admit that I put a notification on my phone to remind me to keep my eyes out for these as Easter approached and, sure enough, they’re now widely available in my area.

The eggs are a bit smaller than Cadbury Creme Eggs, but have a fantastic plastic packaging that is both easier to open than the foil-wrapped eggs and seems to offer a bit more protection to the egg inside. All of the eggs I opened looked picture-perfect. The eggs are milk chocolate and are filled with a cookies n’ cream filling that is a bit softer than that of a regular Oreo cookie, but firm enough that there is no risk it will run out of the egg and make your fingers sticky. The creme has a vanilla base and is studded with crumbs of chocolate wafer cookie. The whole thing is sweet, but the milk chocolate contrasts with the sweet center surprisingly well and the small pieces of cookie ensure that you will get some crunch in every bite. I don’t think that I could eat these as easily if they were any larger (they are excellent with hot coffee), so the size works well for me. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a little variety in the cookie bits – some larger and some smaller pieces – just to mix things up, but it’s a fun, sweet egg to add to your Easter basket this year!

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