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Caramel Apple Oreos, reviewed

Caramel Apple Oreos, reviewed
Caramel apples are a fantastic fall treat, with a delicious combination of crispy, juicy apples and sticky, buttery caramel. I use the combination of the two flavors in all kinds of baked goods, including mini cakes, and even in drinks, like Salted Caramel Apple Cider. Since caramel and apples are such a good match, it’s not surprising that I’m not the only one who decided to see how far they could take the idea. Nabisco released a limited edition Caramel Apple Oreo flavor this fall and – as is often the case with strangely flavored Oreos – I couldn’t resist giving it a try.

These Oreos use their vanilla wafer cookies as the base, rather than chocolate, and they are filled with both bright green and caramel colored creme. The green color is green apple flavored, and it has a strong apple flavor with a hint of tartness to it that reminds me of both Granny Smith apples and apple-flavored Jolly Ranchers. The caramel color is caramel flavored, and delivers a blend of sweet brown sugar and butter notes, with the brown sugar being the dominant flavor. Together, the two fillings taste remarkably like a caramel-dipped apple.

Caramel Apple Oreos, reviewed

The vanilla wafers are a good choice because the chocolate would clearly overwhelm the filling flavors, however it is a little distracting at first to bite into such a strongly apple-flavored cookie. That said, the vanilla doesn’t take away from the caramel apple of the filling at all, and the cookies keep these treats from being much less messy to eat than “real” caramel apples. Of course, these cookies aren’t as delicious as the real thing, but they definitely exceeded my expectations and were a pleasant snack for a caramel apple fan. The caramel filling alone is quite good with that vanilla cookies, so perhaps Nabisco will release a salted-caramel Oreo one of these days, too!

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  • CakeSpy
    October 1, 2014

    I’m really glad you reviewed these. I’m always curious but very rarely buy the flavored oreos. I think these ones might be worth a try, though!

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