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Trader Joe’s Mango Joe-Joe’s, reviewed

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Trader Joe's Mango Joe-Joe's, reviewed

Joe Joe’s, Trader Joe’s Oreo cookie cousin, are some of the best selling products at the grocery chain. The cookies come in classic chocolate and vanilla, as well as a variety of seasonal flavors. Unlike Oreos, however, they’re naturally flavored and seasonal flavors tend to be much more limited (Oreo seems to have one or two new flavors every season!). One of the latest releases for the Joe Joe’s line is Mango Joe Joe’s. These cookies have two vanilla wafers sandwiching a mango cream filling, which actually includes powdered mango – dehydrated mango that is very, very finely ground -to give it a natural flavoring!

The powdered mango does its job, as these cookies have a strong mango aroma as soon as you open the box. The cookies taste of mango and vanilla, though the vanilla from the cookies is strong enough to slightly dampen the flavor of the mango filling. The cookies have a long, lingering mango aftertaste that, thanks to the actual mango used in the cookies, tastes like fresh mango and leaves you wanting another cookie. The filling is slightly softer than Oreo filling, but the cookies are still sturdy enough to be dunked in milk or chopped up and added to a mango-infused cookies n’ cream dessert.

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