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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Oreos, reviewed

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Oreos, reviewed
Oreo’s marketing plan of releasing limited edition or seasonal cookie flavors every few months is clearly working. I enjoy classic Oreos (and love cookies n’ cream desserts), and I find that I regularly check the Oreo section when I shop to see if anything new catches my eye. This week, it was Chocolate Covered Strawberry Oreos, a limited edition flavor that should be around through February. The cookies aren’t quite as romantic as a box of real chocolate covered strawberries, but they’re certainly a very Valentine’s Day-oriented addition to the Oreo cookie lineup. The sandwich cookies start with a pair of classic chocolate oreo wafers, which are filled with rings of chocolate and strawberry creme filling. Chocolate and strawberries is a combination that never goes out of style, so it was a matter of time before Oreo tried to combine the two in cookie form. I was a little surprised that they added chocolate cream, since the cookies themselves are very chocolaty, but I guess they figured that you can’t go wrong with more chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Oreos, reviewed

Overall, it’s a good combination that works surprisingly well. The strawberry flavor comes through without tasting too artificial or overwhelming the chocolate. The chocolate creme is overshadowed a bit by the bittersweet cocoa in the wafers, but that isn’t a bad thing in this case, as you want to taste a lot of chocolate in a chocolate covered strawberry – especially if it’s a cookie version. That said, these aren’t tasty enough to replace classic Oreos in most of my cookies n’ cream baked goods, so I’ll appreciate them while they’re here and get back to the classics the res of the year.

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