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Bites from other BlogsI skipped a few weeks of Bites from other Blogs at the end of last year – after hitting 450 Bites from other Blogs posts!! – due to holiday commitments, but they’re back for 2017. It’s a bit of a mixed bag this week, with some holiday recipes and some new treats, but they’re all delicious.

  • The Whole Bite‘s Chocolate Champagne Layer Cake is ideal for a celebration – or if you simply want to do a little baking and feel like opening a bottle of champagne. The intense chocolate cake is only six inches in diameter, but it towers above a cake plate with three layers of champagne-spiked cake and a generous coating of champagne and chocolate-laced frosting. It’s a real treat and a great choice for holidays, birthdays or Fridays.
  • A candy bar can be a wonderful indulgence when you want something sweet or need a bit of extra energy during the day. Served From Scratch has some adorable Mini Almond Joys that are just the right size to be perfectly satisfying as a snack. The homemade candy bars have a coconut filling topped with two crunchy almonds that is all wrapped in chocolate. Don’t forget to temper your chocolate to give your bars a professional finish.
  • Peppermint bark always makes an appearance or two at my home during the holidays. If you have leftover bark, consider baking up a batch of the Peppermint Bark Oreo Brownies from A Cookie Named Desire. The fudgy brownies are rich with dark chocolate and have just the right amount of peppermint to contrast with the bittersweet flavor of the chocolate. Oreos add texture, while chopped peppermint bark makes the brownies even more indulgent.
  • I made a batch of Champagne Bars for a dessert worth of ringing in the new year, but Joy the Baker‘s Brown Butter Champagne Doughnuts are appropriate for any weekend when you want to make brunch a little more festive. The baked donuts only contain a small amount of champagne, but there is more to be found in the sweet glaze that graces the tops of the donuts, which makes sure that the flavor of the bubbly is present in every bite.
  • Recipe Throwback: It was 10 years ago when I shared a recipe for The Cheeseboard’s Currant Scones. The Cheese Board is a bakery and cheese shop in Berkeley, California that still makes some of the best scones I can remember. It’s worth a stop if you’re in the area, but this recipe will let you make them at home, too.

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  • Chelsea | The Whole Bite
    January 4, 2017

    Thanks so much for the mention 🙂 What a fun and festive list! Happy New Year to you 🙂

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