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Bites from other Blogs

  • Ice cream is a welcome treat during the summer, but sorbet can be an even better way to showcase in-season fruit. Ambrosia Baking mixed up some Cherry Sorbet that is a wonderful way to cool down on a hot day. The sorbet is made with fresh cherries – not cooked, canned or jarred cherries – so it really captures their natural sweetness and their bright red color.
  • Another delicious sorbet comes from Bakers Royale, a Raspberry and Peach Sorbet that is as delicious as it is pink! This sorbet is also made with plenty of fresh fruit and it’s easier than you think to make it. Once you have your sorbet in the freezer, the options for how you can enjoy it are endless. You can use a scoop to add color to a sundae, make the filling for an ice cream cake or top it off with champagne for some summer bellinis.
  • The Cucumber Lime Mint Popsicles from Wanna Come With? are definitely a refreshing hot weather treat, since they feature three of the most refreshing flavors out there. The popsicles are inspired by the flavors of a margarita, with some cucumber added in to give it a hint of melon flavor and soften the zestiness of the lime. If you want to turn these into cocktail pops, you can add a splash of rum or tequila to the mix before freezing.
  • Granita might be one of the easiest frozen desserts to make, since you don’t need any special equipment to churn it or any molds to shape it. Beyond Sweet and Savory‘s Mango and Passion Fruit Granita includes two of my favorite tropical flavors. The granita is a lightly sweetened mixture of mango puree and fresh passion fruit pulp, which combines into a bright and well-balanced dessert. The mixture is frozen solid in a shallow baking tray, then scraped into flavorful ice crystals to serve.
  • No matter how many fruity options are out there, sometimes you just can’t say no to a good scoop of ice cream and Brown Eyed Baker‘s Coffee and Doughnuts Ice Cream is one that would be hard to turn down. This custard-based ice cream is infused with coffee and actual doughnuts. This does mean that you’re going to have to sacrifice a few doughnuts to make the ice cream, but getting that unique flavor into your custard is well worth it. This would be a great ice cream to turn into an affogato, by serving it with a little espresso poured over the top.

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