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Trader Joe’s It’s Sedimentary My Dear Cookie! Mix, reviewed

Trader Joe's Sedimentary Cookie Mix, reviewed
Trader Joe’s is always filled with lots of fun treats and the holiday season is when the store really ups its game with items that are not only fun/tasty to try yourself, but that are quite giftable, as well. I spotted the It’s Sedimentary My Dear Cookie! mix in Trader Joe’s the other day when I was picking up a few staples. The cookie mix consists of dry cookie ingredients layered in a large mason jar. Nicely packaged, all you need to do is add butter and an egg to the mix to bring it together. I’ve seen cookie mixes in jars before, but I liked the layered look of this one and the fact that it contained so many different ingredients, so I took one home and turned on the oven.

The cookies contain graham cracker crumbs, oatmeal, coffee, peanut butter chips and candy coated chocolate drops (similar to M&Ms), as well as sugar, brown sugar and flour. The mix comes together very easily, though I needed to use a knife to break up the tightly packed brown sugar in the jar, which didn’t want to come out on its own. Unlike some products from Trader Joe’s (most of the frozen ones, typically), the baking time on these cookies was quite accurate, though I suspect that I made my cookies a little bit bigger than the suggested size. If my cookies were a bit bigger, that means that your cookies could easily overbake if you leave them in too long, so err on the side of caution and check the cookies at the low end of the suggested baking time.

Trader Joe's It's Sedimentary My Dear Cookie! Mix, reviewed

The cookies were attractive, with pops of color from the candy-covered chocolate drops studding each one. Though it may not seem like it from looking at the package, the amount of chocolate drops and peanut butter chips is actually quite generous. You can taste the oatmeal, coffee and graham in the cookies, which makes them stand out from other oatmeal cookies. Mine had a nice chewiness to them, but they did tend towards dry when overbaked. This is a great stocking stuffer-type gift for a friend who enjoys baking, especially if you tie on a spatula or a whisk with a nice ribbon to complete the package.

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