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Rodelle Alcohol Free Vanilla Flavoring, reviewed

Rodelle Alcohol Free Vanilla Extract
Alcohol free vanilla flavoring can’t be called vanilla extract because there are laws that govern what extract is made up of and they require that extracts be at least 35% alcohol. Alcohol is a useful ingredient in extracts because it is a great solvent for flavors and it evaporates during baking so you get the aroma of your extract without knowing that the alcohol was ever there. Rodelle Alcohol Free Vanilla Flavoring is made in much the same way as vanilla extract, with real, high quality vanilla beans – and a lot of them. The vanilla bean extractives are in a solution made with glycerine, water and sugar that preserves their flavor and makes them easy to add to recipes. It does not have the same strong vanilla scent that vanilla extract has, but it is slightly sweet – and much more pleasant to taste straight from the bottle when compared to vanilla extract! – and has a very strong vanilla bean flavor that is unmistakable.

This flavoring can be used in any recipe that calls for vanilla extract, from cookies to ice creams, and it will impart a noticeable vanilla flavor to every recipe. It’s a great choice for those who are looking to avoid alcohol completely. Since I have a pantry that is well-stocked with traditional vanilla extract, I often use this type of vanilla flavoring in unbaked items, where I want to ensure that I don’t get any hint of the alcohol from regular vanilla extract when it is unwanted. For instance, it is a nice addition to whipped cream, vanilla buttercream frosting or even coffee drinks! When it comes to coffee drinks, it is worth remembering that the flavoring does have a very strong flavor and should be used sparingly, so you will still be able to taste the coffee in your cup along with the vanilla.

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