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Kahlua Chili Chocolate, reviewed

Kahlua Chili Chocolate, reviewed

Kahlua is a delicious, rum-based coffee liqueur that is excellent for both making cocktails and for baking. The company has launched quite a few seasonal or limited edition options over the years and, since coffee is such a versatile flavor, many of them have been lovely. Their most recent product was Kahlua Chili Chocolate, which infuses their classic coffee base with both spicy chilis and indulgent chocolate. As a big fan of mexican chocolate, as well as of the combination of chili and chocolate together in general, this was one limited edition flavor that I couldn’t pass by without trying.

The liqueur smells like classic Kahlua with a hint of chocolate when you first pour some into a glass. At first, I was concerned that there might not be that much spice. With one sip, my fears were allayed: there is a lot of tongue-tingling spice in every sip. The liqueur is rich and smooth, with strong coffee and chocolate notes, accented by an equally strong chili heat that will linger on your palate for quite some time. The chocolate flavor feels authentic, not artificial, and the same could be said for the chili. It’s excellent and, if you like your chocolate with a little bit of heat, this is definitely a great bottle to pick up for a holiday party.

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