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Popcorn!: 100 Sweet and Savory Recipes

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Popcorn!: 100 Sweet and Savory RecipesPopcorn is a classic snack food and, while you might associate the buttery version with the movies, there are so many versions out there that you could easily enjoy a different popcorn almost every single time you eat it. The crispy corn snack can be sweet, salty, savory or even sticky and in Popcorn!: 100 Sweet and Savory Recipes, you’ll find plenty of inspiration.

The book begins with a brief crash course in popcorn popping techniques. You can use the microwave, the stovetop or an air popper. For many of these recipes, you can even buy a bag of air popped popcorn and use that as a base, through freshly popped corn often delivers the best results. The recipes, beyond the basics, are divided into four chapters: Bar Snacks & Appetizers, Balls & Bars, Savory Dishes & Desserts, and Chocolate & Candy. The distribution leans only slightly towards sweet, so there really are plenty of recipes for every taste. From savory seasoning mixes to flavorful, infused butters and oils, the savory options will definitely up your snack game. The recipes are all easy enough to make that you won’t feel bad whipping up a batch of Indian Curry Popcorn as a weeknight snack, but impressive enough that the Pesto Popcorn will be a hit the next time you’re entertaining. The sweet recipes range from simple kettle corn to indulgent Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars.

As far as snacks go, you can’t beat the simplicity of popcorn and I love how much you can do with it using these recipes. The instructions for each are clearly written out and most of the recipes are illustrated with gorgeous photos that will definitely put you in a popcorn mood. The hardest part will be deciding which recipe to start with. Fortunately, since we’re talking about popcorn, you don’t have to pick just one and can make several snack-able flavors at one time for sharing.

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