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Chef’n Sweetsheet

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Chef'n Sweetsheet

Silicone baking mats can be a great tool to have in your kitchen when you’re working with baked goods that are particularly delicate or with candies that tend to be sticky and difficult to handle. The mats are laid directly on top of a regular baking sheet, which gives them more stability than your typical silicone bakeware. The Chef’n Sweetsheet is an unusual silicone baking sheet that is built around a metal frame – a metal frame that is completely encased in silicone – and has two handles that make it easy to handle and use. Most silicone bakeware lacks this support, leading to pans that are difficult to transport from the counter to the oven and back again. The silicone sheet is covered with a  faint grid, which will help you to get the spacing of your cookies (and other goodies) just right and it has two little feet on the base that are intended to help the pan act as a “cooling rack” by preventing excess heat from getting trapped between the counter and your baked goods one you take them out of the oven.

The pan is completely nonstick and comes in both quarter sheet and half sheet sizes. The smaller size offers a bit more stability than the larger one, which can sag slightly in the center (the silicone feet are not tall, so this is slight) when the pan is heavily loaded, though that should not impact your baked goods significantly. This is a great choice if you have a delicate recipe (such as lace cookies) and want bakeware to dedicate to it or if you simply appreciate the nonstick nature of silicone in the kitchen. I personally like to use silicone for candies and treats like caramel corn and the added stability of this pan makes it very handy.

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