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Trader Joe’s Mini Cinnamon Sugar Churros, reviewed

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Trader Joe's Mini Cinnamon Sugar Churros, reviewed

Churros have been a favorite treat of mine since childhood. Unlike cookies and cupcakes, which were relatively easy to come by on a daily basis, churros were the sort of treat that you could only find at the fair or at Disneyland. I’ll often stop by a churro stand when I spot one, no matter where in the world I am, and have been known to make them at home, as well. Trader Joe’s recently added a new product to their freezer case that is sure to catch the eye of churro-lovers like myself: Mini Cinnamon Sugar Churros. The frozen churros are each about 2-inches long and promise to be a quick and convenient way to enjoy this theme park staple.

The churros have a good flavor, especially once they are rolled in cinnamon sugar, and are at their best when they are hot from the oven. Since a bit of oil will come off during the baking process, I recommend quickly draining these on a paper towel before rolling them in sugar. The exterior of the churros is crisp and the center is tender, but there isn’t as much contrast as you’re going to see in a larger churro that has a great interior-to-exterior ratio. If you’re a fan of filled churros, know that these would not be a good choice for filling. They are, however, an excellent choice for dipping in fudge sauce, caramel sauce, dulce de leche or whipped cream.

They’re not quite as good as homemade churros in my estimation, but they’re very good considering how little time and effort you have to put in to have a plate full of hot churros on your kitchen table!

Trader Joe's Mini Cinnamon Sugar Churros, reviewed

You’ll find about 40 churros inside each resealable package, along with a packet of cinnamon sugar. The churros are a great size for snacking. I also appreciate the resealable package because it means I can bake up a few churros any time I want a quick treat and don’t have to wait until I’m entertaining a whole crowd of churro fans. The cinnamon sugar blend is well-spiced, but it isn’t enough to cover all the churros – and if you’re going to bake in batches, you’re not going to want to save the leftover cinnamon mixture – so I recommend using it up and augmenting it with your own mixture. If you do decide to make your own, you can add other spices to the mix for a slightly different flavor profile.

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