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Oreo Thins, reviewed

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Oreo Thins, reviewed
Oreos are an indulgence that I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid. I enjoyed dunking them in milk as an afterschool snack or munching through a whole package of Oreos with friends during a slumber party. I still enjoy Oreos and use them in my recipes regularly to make delicious cookies n’ cream baked goods. I also keep an eye out for seasonal Oreos that will let me put a twist on the cookies n’ cream theme. The newest product from Oreo isn’t a limited edition item, however. Oreo Thins are a slimmed down version of an Oreo that contains the same cookie-to-cream ratio as the original, but in a much thinner form. Each Oreo Thin is about half the size of a regular Oreo. While the cookies also have fewer calories than their less-streamlined counterparts, they are not diet cookies and are made with the exact same ingredients. They’re being marketed as a “grown-up treat” for those of us who aren’t attending slumber parties any more.

As a grown up and an Oreo fan, I was curious to give these a try and see how they stacked up to the classic. The cookies are available in three flavors: original, Golden and Mint Creme.

Oreo Thins, reviewed

The cookies are very thin (apparently just over 7mm) and the cream filling looks a bit lost in between those two ultra-thin cookies. The cookies are crisp and taste exactly like the originals – but with the emphasis on the cookie and not on the cream. They can still be dunked, licked and twisted apart so that you can eat the filling first.  The classic and Golden flavors taste like chocolate and vanilla, respectively, and the cream filling doesn’t really come through. In the mint, you get plenty of mint, which seems to come primarily from the cream filling and draws some extra attention to it. The cookies are crisp and very tasty (assuming that you enjoy Oreos in the first place, of course!), and they’re great for snacking. If you’re the type that goes for the double-stuffed Oreos, I’d recommend skipping these because you won’t get your filling fix here, but if you would prefer to have a crispier cookie and a bit less cream, these should soon become a favorite.

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  • Howell
    June 2, 2016

    I feel a rip off. Creme cut back, but leave cookie original size. They cut product back 1/4 lb on the package and charge the same price as the original orio. That’s the good US of A. Blind the consumer.

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