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5 Perfect Peep Desserts to Make for Easter

5 Amazing Easter Desserts to Make with Peeps!!

Peeps are the best selling non-chocolate Easter candy out there and they have been beloved by sweet-toothed consumers since the 1950s. As a marshmallow fan, I always enjoy munching on colorful Peeps right out of the box around Easter, but they’re surprisingly fun ingredients to work with and you can make some great desserts using them. So pick up a few packs of Peeps before Easter and give these desserts a try!

Easter Peeps S'mores Dip

Easter Peep S’mores Dip is an easy to make, crowd-pleasing dessert that is made with just two main ingredients: Peeps and dark chocolate. Layers of chocolate and marshmllow are assembled in an oven-safe skillet and baked until they are gooey. The dip is served warm with graham crackers on the side for a seasonal spin on traditional s’mores.

How to Make Peep Vodka, a Baking Bites Recipe

Peep-Infused Vodka is an Easter treat for grown ups. The finished vodka has a marshmallow flavor to it, and it will take on the color of the Peeps used to create it. It is both easy and fun to make and it allows you to make some very colorful cocktails, like my Peep Vodka Lemon Drops.

Peeps Krispy Treats

Peeps Krispy Treats use Peeps in place of regular white marshmallows to make wonderfully colorful cereal bars. In addition to lending their color to the bars, the Peeps bring in a little of their own flavor, as well. You can combine colors or stick to one single type of Peep, depending on the look you want.

Peeps Cupcakes

Peeps Cupcakes are vanilla cupcakes inspired by Peeps. The cupcakes are topped with a fluffy frosting that is finished with a layer of colorful sanding sugar that gives them the look of the classic Peeps that we all know and love. Finish off a batch with a few color-coordinating Peep chicks or bunnies before serving!

Homemade Peeps

Homemade Peeps don’t start with store bought Peeps – they’re chick-shaped marshmallows that you can make yourself from scratch! This is a fun DIY project for the serious Peep lover because it allows you to add your own flavors (via extracts) and colors (via sugars) to your own little chicks.

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