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Gingerbread Oreos, reviewed

Gingerbread Oreos, reviewed
Gingerbread is a holiday staple, whether you like traditional loaves or prefer gingerbread men. Gingerbread has a distinct flavor to it because every recipe shares some common ingredients, such as molasses, brown sugar, cinnamon and ginger, though each will have a unique twist from other spices and flavorings that may have been added. Since there is a lot of commonality from gingerbread to gingerbread, it is easy to capture the essence of this Christmas classic and transform it in to all sorts of other goodies, such as Gingerbread Lattes and even Gingerbread Oreos. I am a fan of gingerbread, so naturally I am always curious to give these new treats a try.

Gingerbread Oreos, reviewed

The limited edition Oreos (which, I believe, may only be available at Target stores – as that is where I found mine). Smell like spice and vanilla as soon as you open the package. The vanilla comes from the vanilla wafer cookies surrounding the light molasses-colored filling, while the spice is in the filling itself. The filling tastes like a sugary icing that has been generously seasoned with ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. There is a trace of brown sugar or molasses, but the spices dominate it. When eaten in a single bite with the cookie, the creamy vanilla notes of the wafers balance out the assertive sweetness of the filling. It’s a tasty cookie and definitely has a holiday flavor to it, though I can’t say it’s the most gingerbread-y treat I’ve had this season.

If you find yourself with a package of these, consider transforming them into a seasonal cookies n’ cream dessert, such as Gingerbread Cookies n’ Cream Blondies or Gingerbread Cookies n’ Cream Scones.

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