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Nordic Ware Pull-Apart Snowflake Cake Pan

Nordic Ware Pull-Apart Snowflake Cake Pan

Winter is a great season for baking. Not only are the warm spices and bright citrus flavors that are featured in many winter recipes delicious, but turning on the oven fills your house with wonderful smells and warmth even when it is snowing outside. You don’t need to wait for it to snow to put this Pull-Apart Snowflake Cake Pan from Nordic Ware to good use. The pan is cast in the shape of a beautiful snowflake, with plenty of detail that transfers to the finished cake for a dessert with a lot of “wow” factor. The unusual thing about this pan is that it is cast with deep ridges, ridges which are not only a part of the snowflake design, but which give you convenient places to slice or “pull apart” your cake for serving. It is divided into 12 distinct sections, ideal for serving a crowd. Since the pan has such detail, it is ideal for recipes that don’t require frosting, such as pound cakes or other “simple” cakes that are best finished with a simple dust of confectioners’ sugar to play up the snowy theme of the cake.

The heavy duty pan is made from cast aluminum and has a nonstick finish to ensure that the design gets transferred to your baked goods as clearly as possible, but, with this much detail, I still recommend greasing and flouring the pan before baking.

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