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Cut and Collect Cutting Board

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Cut and Collect Cutting Board

Chopping up a large amount of fruits and vegetables, whether you’re baking pies or making a stew, is not a problem if you have the counter space to really spread out. If you don’t, you will probably find that even large cutting boards start to look small as you fill them up with slices, dices and juliennes. When you can cut everything and push it straight into your pot, there usually isn’t much of a problem with kitchen space, but if you like to prep everything first you might end up with a lot of chopped veggies and no where to put them. That is when something like the Cut and Collect Cutting Board can come in handy. This sturdy cutting board has a slide-out drawer beneath it that you can use to catch freshly cut fruits or veggies (or anything else you’re chopping) and clear the board for the next batch. You can also fill it up with peels and scraps to keep them out of the way, and simply unsnap the drawer and dump it out when you’re ready.

The board gives you a solid cutting surface and is just over 1.5-inches tall. It is made of polypropelene and is completely dishwasher safe, too.

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  • Barb
    May 17, 2012

    What a neat kitchen tool for preparing a ready to go stir fry. Wash up your veggies, cut them up, push them over to the built in tray and dump them all into your frying pan when ready.

    I love cooking tools that make cooking a whole lot easier!

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