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Bites from other Blogs

Bites from other Blogs

  • I have a big soft spot for churros and, while I can make them at home, they are a treat that I see more often at fairs and theme parks. The next time youare in the mood for a churro, try making Barbara BakesChurro Cream Puffs. These fluffy cream puffs are topped with a cinnamon sugar coating that makes them taste just like a churro – even if they don’t looklike traditional churros at first glance. They’re filled with a light whipped cream, but feel free to add a bit of cinnamon to that filling to tie it in even more closely with the churro theme.
  • I serve a lot of ice cream around the holidays, when I want to dress up a slice of chocolate cake, a square of brownie or complement a piece of pie. I often reach for vanilla, but you can make your dessert even more decadent by playing around with ice cream flavors. Havoc in the Kitchen‘s Baileys White Chocolate Walnut Ice Cream is an indulgent flavor that has a lot more going on than your average vanilla ice cream. The base is made with a generous amount of Irish cream liqueur, which gives the ice cream a lot of flavor, and it has grated white chocolate and chopped walnuts stirred in after churning. As with most ice creams, you will get the best results from this with an ice cream maker, but this is likely to become a holiday favorite and you’ll be putting that ice cream maker to work all season.
  • Crazy for Crust knows sometimes you just need to put two desserts into one bite, which is exactly what is happening with these Peanut Butter Cheesecake Brownies. The bar cookies feature two batters – a fudgy brownie batter and a salty-sweet peanut butter cheesecake – that are layered together in one pan and baked. While the idea of a layered dessert might sound intimidating, the dish is actually easy to make and the results are well worth dirtying a second bowl. You’ll get peanut butter and chocolate in every bite – and you’ll definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!
  • Halloween treats are always fun to make, largely because you can get a lot more creative with them than you can with food for other holidays. The Oreo Truffle Bats from Bakers Royale are a great example of an easy, fun Halloween treat that will be a hit with both kids and adults. The truffles are made with Oreo cookies and cream cheese, which sounds like an unusual combination, but it is one that really works. Once the truffles are formed, Oreo “wings” are added and the whole thing is dipped in chocolate to set the bat shape. Things might get a little messy as you make these, but they have a real “wow” factor and are sure to be a Halloween hit.
  • If you’ve ever watched Sesame Street, you know exactly who Cookie Monster is. If you like baking, you might even feel a kind of kinship with the blue monster thanks to your shared love of cookies. If you like Cookie Monster, you ‘ll definitely get a kick out of Something Swanky‘s Cookie Monster Fudge. The bright blue fudge is stuffed studded with pieces of chopped up cookies and it really does look like something that Cookie Monster would make, eat and absolutely love. It’s a fun and easy Halloween treat that kids are sure to love.

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  • Barbara @ Barbara Bakes
    October 18, 2015

    Thanks for sharing my cream puffs. If you love churros, I’m sure you’ll love the cream puffs.

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