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Nordic Ware Leaf Bundt Pan

Nordic Ware Leaf Bundt Pan

Anyone with an appreciation for the outdoors is sure to get a kick out of Nordic Ware’s Leaf Bundt Pan. The pan has the same capacity as the company’s standard pans, but with a unique nature-inspired look to it. Though the pan is roughly the same shape as the traditional bundt pan, it looks as though it has been draped with leaves of varying shapes and sizes. The placement of the leaves is very clever, as it almost seems as though they simply fell from a tree and landed in their positions naturally. Surprisingly, it doesn’t look anything like a wreath (a style of pan that looks wonderful for the holidays, but doesn’t get much use the rest of the year), in spite of being covered with faux foliage.

The pan is made of heavy duty cast-aluminum and great care has gone into sculpting  each and every leaf. You can see the stems and the veins running throughout  – and they are so well-designed that they transfer cleanly to the finished cake. While this pan doesn’t have the deep nooks and crannies of some bundts and does have a nonstick interior, I would still highly recommend greasing and flouring the pan before use to ensure that your design is as perfect as possible before serving. This pan could be used all year long. A citrus cake would be a good use of the design in the springtime, while more deeply-colored spice cakes would look beautiful in this pattern in the fall.

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  • Felice
    September 7, 2015

    This is such a beautiful bundt pan. I have a few of the Nordic pans on my wish list.

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