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Wilton Mini Coffin Cake Pan

Coffin Cake Pan

Wilton definitely knows what they’re doing when it comes to shaped cake pans. They always have fun, seasonal pans that aren’t too expensive that allow you to make some really creative cakes. Out of all of the pans that they have put out this season, I think that this Coffin Cake Pan just might be my favorite. The nonstick pan bakes six coffin-shaped cakes. Each cake has a depression on the top and a slightly raised coffin rim that gives the coffin some extra dimension. They can be filled with fruit, frosted, or packed with skeleton-shaped candies or cookies. If you have a coffin-shaped cookie cutter, or want to spend a few minutes shaping a coffin cutout with a knife, you can even make a custom lid for each one out of a batch of cutout cookie dough. Unlike some shaped pans, these can really be dressed up or down. You can create something really spooky (or even very gourmet, using a chocolate cake base) for grownups, or something simple and fun for kids.

Since we’re getting closer to Halloween, I’ve noticed that this pan and other Halloween treat pans are going on sale at just about every store I visit. A sale price on a specialty pan always tempts me to buy it that much more… and this one will make a lot of fun Halloween treats.

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