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Mrs. Fields Silicone Scoop N’ Cut Cookie Tool

Mrs. Fields Silicone Scoop N' Cut Cookie Tool
Nothing looks better than a plate of freshly baked, homemade cookies – except for cookies that are all perfectly round and picture-perfect. It can be difficult to get all your cookies to come out the same size and shape, but using a scooping tool will really help make the finished cookies look better, as well as make the dough-scooping process go a lot faster.

The Mrs. Fields Silicone Scoop N’ Cut Cookie Tool is a useful little tool to add to your collection of baking gadgets. The tool functions both as a dough scoop and as a dough slicer. It has two scoops – one scoop at either end – that are connected with a straight edge that can be used for slicing dough. The larger scoop is a tablespoon size, while the smaller scoop is a teaspoon. Both scoops are made of silicone and you can simply press down to release the dough. If you are dealing with a particularly sticky dough, you can also grease the scoop lightly or dip it in water before using.

The advantage that this particular tool gives you over a knife (which is what you probably use now to cut out cookie dough) is that it is designed to be pressed down with two hands, allowing for more even pressure on the dough that results in a more even cookie dough slice. The edge is also very kid-friendly and won’t cut any fingers that accidentally get in the way. A knife is still going to be handy when you have to cut through dough full of chocolate chunks and nuts, where you need a sharp edge for the best results, but most slice-n-bake cookies tend to not have a lot of mix-ins.

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