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DIY Girl Scout Cookies with the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

 the Girl Scout Cookie Oven

I have been an advocate of skipping the annual cookie sale and baking your own Girl Scout cookies at home for many years now (and donating money to local troops). It seems that the Girl Scouts have finally realized that there are more than just a handful of people out there interested in making their own cookies, since a Girl Scouts Cookie Oven has recently been introduced. The oven is a working oven that functions much like the classic Easy-Bake oven. The heat is generated by a light bulb inside of the unit that bakes batches of mini cookies in just a few minutes. The oven has a small viewing window that lets users see the cookies while they bake, as well as a “warming station” that can be used to melt coatings for dipping the finished cookies (such as a chocolate coating for Thin Mints). It comes with a mix and a variety of tiny tolls, such as a spatula and a baking pan. Mixes for the ovens will be available in all your favorite girl scout flavors: Thin Mints, Peant Butter Sandwich, Trefoils, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Coconut Caramel (Samoas).

Now, based on some of the reviews I’ve seen, this oven isn’t going to be the best choice for starting your own cookie empire, however it does work and will turn out a variety of fully baked treats. It is also probably a whole lot of fun to use, whether you want to relive your own Easy Bake Oven memories from childhood or help someone else create new ones. The oven just launched, along with a variety of cookie mixes, and will be widely available at toy stores and stores like Target this fall.

In the meantime, treat yourself to some of my homemade Girl Scout Cookie recipes.

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