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Stick On Edible Eyes

Stick On Edible Eyes
There are plenty of people who don’t want to eat food that is looking back at them, but even the pickiest eaters might be inclined to make an exception if the thing looking back at them is a donut or slice of cake. With Suck UK’s Stick On Edible Eyes, you can put a funky pair of eyes on just about anything! Unlike the hard “eyes” made of royal icing that have been sold in cake decorating kits for years, these edible eyes are similar in look and feel to traditional paper stickers, thin and flexible. They are made of edible sugar paper and melt in your mouth when you take a bite of your intended “victim.”

Each pack includes ten pairs of eyes, so you’ll be able to put them to use during multiple meals. The eyes feature a variety of expressions, including surprise, sleepiness and one that reminds me of the cute kitty look from the movie Puss in Boots. They’re a fun way to surprise a breakfast guest or add some humor to your Instagram photos. If you pick up a couple of extra packs, you’ll have some fun stocking stuffers for foodie friends around the holidays, too.

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