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Baking Bites for Craftsy: Food Processor Coconut Macaroons

Food Processor Coconut Macaroons
When it comes to easy-to-make cookies, coconut macaroons are one of my favorites. The cookies only require a few simple ingredients – namely, egg whites, coconut and sugar – and I typically only add in a pinch of salt and a bit of vanilla extract or citrus zest to make them stand out. If you happen to have a food processor in your kitchen, you can make coconut macaroons even more easily than ever before using my recipe for Coconut Macaroons that I’m sharing on the Craftsy blog (it’s free!). With the help of the food processor, your cookies will come together in just seconds and the perfect chop that the food processor’s blade puts on the shredded coconut means that your cookies will be easy to shape and bake. Whether you scoop them into rounds or shape them into little pyramids (my preferred shape), your cookies will not only taste delicious, but they’ll be easier to make than ever before.

After you bake your batch, let the cookies cool completely and temper some chocolate to dip them in. Macaroons go well with milk, dark and white chocolate, so you can choose your favorite or do some of each. The chocolate finish will dress up your cookies and take them from a simple weekday snack to a classy after-dinner delight.

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