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Perfect Measure Measuring Spoons

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Perfect Measure Measuring Spoons

Every baker has a few sets of measuring spoons in his or her kitchen, as do most cooks – even if they stay away from the oven. You use them for everything from measuring out baking soda and cinnamon for a batch of cookies to scooping out a bit of flour to thicken a gravy. I have measuring spoons in all shapes and sizes. While they are all accurate, some are easier to use than others. Rectangular spoons slide more easily into small jars of spices, while the round spoons are easier to pour ingredients – such as table salt – into without spilling.

No matter what shape my spoons are, I often need a knife to level them off after filling them up, to ensure I am getting an accurate measurement.This set of Perfect Measure Measuring Spoons eliminates the need for that additional tool, as the spoons have built-in levelers attached to each one. With a simple squeeze of the handle, a small blade slides over the top of the spoon, pushing away unnecessary extra spice (or other ingredients) with ease. The spoons come in a set with 1/4 tsp , 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp and 1 tbsp measures and are made of stainless steel.

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