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Nordic Ware Ice Cream Sandwich Pan

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Nordic Ware Ice Cream Sandwich Pan
Ice cream sandwiches are a great way to enjoy your favorite flavor of ice cream during the summer, especially if you’re using homemade cookies and can really customize your sandwich flavor combinations. The problem with ice cream sandwiches is that it can be difficult to get the cookies sizes just right. When the two sides of the sandwich don’t match up, you won’t get the same amount of cookie and filling in each bite – or, worse yet, the filling will start to slide out one side of the sandwich! One solution is to use a cookie pan to ensure that your cookies are perfectly matched every time and Nordic Ware’s Ice Cream Sandwich Pan will do just that. The pan makes 2 1/2-inch cookies with scalloped edges that give ice cream sandwiches – and cookies in general – a lovely finished look. The heavy duty pan has a nonstick interior, so your cookies should easily slide out of the pan after baking, ready to be sorted and stacked. It will definitely help ensure that your cookies are picture-perfect, as well as delicious.

The pan can also be used to bake plain cookies, savory crackers/biscuits and little pastry shells, when you’re not using it to make ice cream sandwiches. The cavities are just 1/2-inch deep, but that is enough space to bake canapes or appetizers when you’re entertaining, so you can get a little extra use out of the pan.

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