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Trader Joe’s Macaron aux Framboises, reviewed

Trader Joe's Macaron aux Framboises, reviewed

Trader Joe’s is always a great place to pick up interesting new foods. They are particularly well stocked when it comes to premium frozen desserts, offering a huge array of pastries, tarts and other delicacis that you aren’t likely to find anywhere but a bakery. While I’ve had some that I like more than others, their reasonable price points always tempt me to give newer products a try.┬áTrader Joe’s Macaron aux Framboises is just one of those treats that I couldn’t resist.

The Macaron aux Framboises is a layered dessert with two soft biscuits sandwiching a mousse-like filling of creme fraiche and raspberries. The dessert is sold frozen and should be defrosted either overnight in the refrigerator or at room temperature for about an hour before serving. It is neatly packaged and looks almost exactly like the picture on the box! It is, however, a bit smaller than you might expect given the size of the box (thanks to packaging that helps the dessert hold its shape), but the suggested servings-per-container is only 3, which seems very fair for the amount of cake included.

Trader Joe's Macaron aux Framboises, reviewed

While the dessert is called a macaron, I would say that the biscuits are simply macaron-inspired, as they are softer and more cake-like (though they are much more tender than your average cake) than the macarons that you might ordinarily imagine. They have both around almonds and a hint of coconut in them. Though they were not macarons per se, I felt that the texture of the biscuits was actually perfect with the mousse filling! You could easily cut through the biscuits with a knife or a fork without causing the filling to squeeze out between the sides. The filling was light and creamy, thick enough to hold up the raspberries and just sweet enough to set off the natural flavor of the fruit. The dessert was delicious and really exceeded my expectations.

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