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Baking Bites for Craftsy: Make Grasshoppers for St Patrick’s Day

How to Make Grasshopper Cocktails for St Patrick's Day
St Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday when it comes to food and drinks. I often celebrate by baking up some Irish soda bread or an Irish-stout beer infused Guinness chocolate cake, but I can’t let the day go by without enjoying a few green treats, as well – and I’m not talking about salad! Over at the Craftsy blog, I’m sharing my recipe (it’s free!) for creamy Grasshoppers, a classic cocktail that tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream and is the perfect color for a St Patrick’s Day party. I finish off my cocktails by dusting them with grated dark chocolate, which gives them an extra richness and a lovely finished look. They’re delicious as a pre-dinner cocktail, but they’re even better for dessert. And, speaking from experience, I can assure you that they go very well with Guinness chocolate cake.

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  • Ken
    March 16, 2015

    Green season is in! These grasshoppers are something to look forward to! And I love the way you use dark chocolate. One of the best things in the world! Thanks for the hoppers!

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