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Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

DIY Hot Sauce Kit
It is easy to imagine making some foods. For instance, you can probably picture yourself making Homemade Girl Scout Cookies, Homemade Oreos or a version of your favorite muffin from the local coffee shop. It is not as easy to imagine yourself making some other products at home – but with a little bit of time and the proper ingredients, you can really make almost anything. If you are lover of spicy foods, you might want to consider picking up a Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit. The kit has everything you need to make and bottle your own custom hot sauce blend.

The kit includes all of the staple hot sauce-making spices: dried guajillo, chipotle, arbol peppers, cayenne, ancho, chile New Mexico, and curry powders. It also includes vinegar, sugar, bottles to package your hot sauce, bottle labels, a small funnel, sterilizing solution and gloves. The kit also includes all the instructions that you need to make your sauce, however the method is simple. The only things that you might need to provide yourself are fresh onions, garlic and herbs, depending on what flavor of hot sauce you want to make.

This is a great place to start learning to make your own sauces and will give you lots of ideas for making other sauces in the future – since you will eat your way through your first batches pretty quickly! This kit also makes a great gift for the spicy food lovers in your life, if you’re not the one with the biggest “spice tooth.”

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