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Angel Food Loaf Pan

Angel Food Loaf PanSeveral weeks ago, I discussed the question of whether or not you need an angel food cake pan to make angel food cake. The answer is yes because the cakes are delicate and the pan is designed not only to let them rise to their fullest potential and to cool without falling, but to make them easy to remove from the pan. At the time, I mentioned that it is possible to bake angel food cakes in smaller pans, too. Smaller pans tend to work out well for angel food cakes because of their size; cupcake and loaf pans are small enough that the cake will still be able to rise well without falling. I’ve used a standard loaf pan with good results before, but if I intended to bake angel food cakes in loaf sizes regularly, I might look into getting an Angel Food Loaf Pan designed specifically for the job.

This pan has an unusual 15.75 x 4.5 x 3.75 -inch size that will accommodate lots of cake batter. Its narrowness will give the cake plenty of support as it bakes. The real draw is the extended corners of the pan. These are also found on full-size angel food cake pans and allow you to turn the pan upside down on the counter for cooling, as the “feet” will give the cake some breathing room to cool properly. It’s difficult to find other ways to prop a loaf pan upside down for cooling angel food cakes (most of the things I’ve tried aren’t really all that stable), so this really is a good feature.

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  • Linda
    July 15, 2008

    I have one of these and use it frequently to make the slicing of the angel good cake easier when I plan to use it in a trifle or just cut it to take to the office and make it easier to eat since angel food cake isn’t the easiest to cut. I’ve found the little feet to be too short for most of the cakes that rise well. Like making angel food cake in smaller loaf pans, you can lay the pan over on its side and it works as well as upside down with the feet or the trick of putting the tube pan on a bottle to keep it high off the counter.

  • Jeri
    July 16, 2008

    That is such a cool pan! I think I would like it more than the traditional cake pan.

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