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Customizable Cookie Stamp

Customizable Cookie Stamp

I have seen all kinds of cookie stamps on the market over the past few years. As their name stages, cookie stamps allow you to easily stamp a message or a design onto unbaked cookes, just as you might mark a peanut butter cookie with a cross-hatch pattern with a fork. The stamps can be a lot of fun to use because they allow you get a lot of detail onto your cookie – something that you just don’t get with traditional cookie cutters alone. The only problem with the stamps is that they tend to have just one message on them, so you need a separate set for different holidays and occasions.

The Customizable Cookie Stamp changes all that, allowing you to create a unique stamp using a wide variety of letters, numbers and shapes (like a heart or star) that come with the stamp. To use it, you will need to pop the letters apart, then arrange them in the included stamp base. You will definitely want a little bag or box on hand to ensure that you don’t lose any of the letters, but the stamp as a whole is very easy to put together. Once your message is in place – whether it is “Happy Birthday” or “Made by Me!” – you can stamp away. Like all cut out cookies, you should use a dough that doesn’t spread or rise much in the oven to maintain the clarity of the message. This means that a butter cookie or shortbread is going to be a better choice than a chocolate chip dough.

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