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Hexagon Biscuit Cutter

Hexagon Biscuit Cutter

Biscuits are usually made by rolling out your dough and punching out individual biscuits with a round cutter. If you’re a skilled biscuit-maker, you can reduce the wasted dough between rounds to almost nothing, but there is always some space between your biscuit rounds and some dough that will need to be either re-rolled or thrown out.

This Hexagon Biscuit Cutter cuts out biscuits in a honeycomb patter, with six hexagonal cutters connected into one large cutter that produces six biscuits at a time. The shape itself isn’t innovative, though hexagonal biscuits and cookie cutters are uncommon, but the way that they are put together are. By connecting all the cutters, you eliminate wasted dough between your biscuits, so you don’t need to throw away any scraps or struggle to re-roll any leftover dough. I do recommend having a single cutter – round or hexagonal – around to make the most out of the edges of your dough, however, since the only drawback to this cutter is that it is quite large and you may not be able to make it to the edges of your dough with it every time. The cutter could also be used for cutting out cookie dough or tart dough, as the 3-inch hexagons are a very versatile size.

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  • Stephanie-Oh
    February 8, 2014

    I think if you had a huge am’t of excess storage in your kitchen or pantry, this item would be fun to have but that isn’t my circumstance. In fact just the opposite! An easier way to cut biscuits is to pat dough in rectangle and just cut dough into 6 or 8 squares. No scraps!

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