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I Love Cinnamon Rolls

i love cinnamon rollsIf you find yourself saying “me, too!” when you read the title of the cookbook I Love Cinnamon Rolls, then this book is probably for you. The book is devoted to cinnamon rolls of all shapes and sizes, and any cinnamon roll fanatic is going to love each and every one of them. Cinnamon itself has a very long history and has been a much-loved spice for centuries, so it should be no surprise that cinnamon rolls, and variations on them, are enjoyed all over the world.

This book starts with a chapter on cinnamon roll dough, covering several different variations from easy and no-knead to gluten free and rich danish pastry doughs. There is something for everyone, and these basic recipes are written with clear directions that will give you a good foundation dough for the other recipes in the book. Each chapter is essentially devoted to one type of dough that is featured in that first chapter, so you’ll find a whole chapter on no-knead cinnamon rolls, as well as a whole one on whole wheat cinnamon rolls. Classic Cinnamon Rolls will be a good choice for a weekend brunch and Rocky Road Cinnamon Rolls are a better option when you want something really indulgent!

The photos in the book definitely capture warm, flaky dough and gooey fillings and icings, making all of the recipes that are illustrated seem irresistible. I like the variety presented in the book, and when coupled with the great pictures, you’ll find yourself being tempted by the vegan and whole wheat cinnamon rolls – even if you don’t usually associate those categories with comfort food like this. The format of the book is also nice, since the basic dough recipes can be used again and again for other types of recipes, giving you a good base for experimenting with your own cinnamon roll ideas in the future.

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  • Kelly
    October 15, 2012

    I can’t even believe I’m typing this, but I have *never* made my own cinnamon rolls! I love them so much, and I bet the homemade versions are even more delicious. Hopefully my library gets this book in so I can try my hand at it!

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