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Foodie Dice

Foodie Dice
How many nights do you sit around wondering what you should make for dinner? Whether your fridge is full or empty, it is one decision that is always surprisingly difficult – especially if you have more than one person trying to figure things out. One way to avoid this problem is to turn to a set of Foodie Dice for inspiration.

The dice are laser-engraved wood cubes that offer up more than 186,000 possible combinations to answer the question of what you should have for dinner. There are five “primary” dice and each one covers a different category. You’ll find protein options, cooking methods, grain/carb choices, herb selections and bonus ingredients. The four additional dice feature seasonal vegetable options that you can cook up, as well. Pick out the dice that you want to use – you don’t need to roll them all at once – and give them a toss. It’s a novel way to approach dinner and is a good way to break out of your routine of cooking the same dishes over and over again. If you’re the competitive type, you can also use the dice to set up a home version of your favorite cooking competition and challenge friends to come up with dishes using ingredients chosen by the dice. It’s a fun – and tasty – way to have a foodie-themed party and do something a little outside of the box the next time you’re entertaining.

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