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Bunny and Chick Stand Up Cookie Cutters

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Bunny and Chick Stand Up Cutters

Easter is one of those holidays where you have the freedom to get very creative with your treats. Brightly colored desserts and sweet, cute treats definitely take the spotlight, so it is the perfect time to put a little extra effort into making sure your cookies and cakes look their best. I like to keep my eyes out for specialty bakeware that will let me make an impression with my holiday baking, and these Bunny and Chick Stand Up Cookie Cutters from Chicago Metallic are doing just that. The cookie cutters some in sets that allow you to easily create three dimensional cookie creations that will stand up on their own – which means they can double as a holiday centerpiece as well as a tasty dessert.

Many of the stand-up cookie cutter sets I’ve seen require you to fit your cookies together like puzzle pieces to get them to stand up, but that is not the case with these sets. These sets simply have side pieces that you can “glue” on with frosting that give the cookies the stability to stand on their own and the look of a fully formed bunny or chick. The problem with the puzzle piece design is that, though they are sturdy when assembled, it is very easy to end up with puzzle pieces that don’t fit together and you won’t have that problem here. The finished cookies are cute and ready to decorate, which you can do before they are assembled or after.

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