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Easter Egg Stamp Cookie Cutters

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Easter Egg Stamp Cookie Cutters

Ever since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed decorating eggs for Easter. Easter eggs can be dyed, covered and colored in a huge variety of ways and I look forward to making at least one weekend out of the activity every year. In addition to eggs, I often decorate cookies and cakes for Easter and this set of Easter Egg Stamp Cookie Cutters caught my eye the last time I was at Williams Sonoma because they incorporate both of those categories! The set comes with a sturdy egg-shaped cookie cutter and a trio of cookie stamps. You roll out the dough of your choice, cut it with the cutter and stamp an egg design onto the dough before baking. The Easter egg cookies will hold their design while they bake and you can finish them off with frosting or other decorations when they’re cool, or simply serve them as-is for a more neutral, but still holiday-themed, look.

The stamps feature: a classic Easter egg pattern with zig zags, a bunny and a Happy Easter greeting. If you want a little more variety, you can simply use the cutter to make a few blank eggs that you can decorate as you like. For instance, did you know that you can use egg yolks to paint on cookie dough? Be creative and you’ll have Easter egg cookies that will look just as impressive as the “real” Easter eggs!

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