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Baking Bites For Craftsy: A Sweet Potato Thanksgiving Side Dish

Baking Bites' Sweet Potato Souffle
Sweet potatoes almost always make it on to my Thanksgiving table. Sometimes, I serve up Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Maple Butter instead of traditional mashed potatoes. Other times, I simply roast them. If you are looking for a new way to serve sweet potatoes at your holiday table, look no further than my Simple Sweet Potato Souffle (free recipe!!) on the Craftsy blog. The souffle is a light, flavorful side dish that is a wonderful alternative to heavy sweet potato casseroles and other Turkey Day sides. It is surprisingly easy to make – just like the classic Dark Chocolate Souffle recipe I shared a few weeks ago – and it looks very impressive when you bring it to the table.

I usually put my souffle into the oven to bake while the turkey is resting, so that it is done cooking when the meat is ready to be sliced and served. The souffle will sink a bit as it cools, but it tastes just as delicious even if it loses an inch or so in height after sitting out on the table while people fill their plates with all the other goodies you prepared.

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