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Snickers Bites for Baking, reviewed

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Snickers Bites for Baking, reviewed

If you’ve spotted the new Snickers product in the baking aisle recently, you might have thought that I partnered up with the candy bar giant because their product is called Snickers Baking Bites. If anyone out there from Snickers is reading this, I would love to do a recipe for the back of the packaging. Alas, I was not consulted about the name of this particular product, but I do like the idea of a tiny Snickers bar for baking.

I generally use candy bars in baking around Halloween, a season that leaves me with lots of miniature candy bars that need to get used up. Candy bars offer a great change of pace from chocolate chips and other “everyday” mix-ins because they have so many layers of flavor. Snickers, for instance, have caramel, peanuts, nougat and chocolate in each bite – and all of those components add flavor to whatever you’re baking. The Bites are about 1/2-inch cubes of candy and resemble a smaller version of the minis that you typically see around Halloween. Each one has a similar distribution of ingredients to a full sized Snickers bar, but there is more chocolate because the entire bite is enrobed. The Bites are also sold in a bag, unwrapped, which makes them convenient to work with in the kitchen.

Snickers Bites for Baking, reviewed

I think these are a lot of fun to work with. The chocolate enrobing the Bites keeps them relatively intact in baked goods, where chopped up pieces of candy bar tend to melt until their lose their definition. They’re easy to stir in to cookie dough or brownie batter, and their size makes them distinctive without being overwhelming. While I still would like to work out some sort of partnership with Snickers one of these days, I’ll simply enjoy having these in my kitchen for now.

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  • Lynda Switzer
    May 11, 2016

    Great review! I’m a huge fan of Snickers and didn’t know these even exist. Are there any cookies you found that work well with these baking bites?

  • Linda
    May 12, 2016

    I think I looked at the bites and they are exactly the same size as the smaller packages that have been on the candy shelves for years as Snickers Bites (along with quite a few other candies like Rolos and 3 Musketeers, etc). I did learn the larger bags in the baking section are a better buy but they have gotten hard to find in most of my stores. Walmart was one place I always found them but it seems last visit I didn’t see them there. The Butterfinger bites in the baking area are nice too. I wish they’d made the Snickers a bit smaller–say the size of the Delightfulls chips but I’ve used them split or quartered in smaller cookies with good success.

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