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Bites from other Blogs

Bites from other Blogs

  • Sweet corn is a wonderful ingredient to use during the summer, when it is fresh and in-season. There are many savory ways to prepare corn, but it can also be used in sweet preparations – after all, sweet is in the name! Hungry Rabbit baked up a Blueberry Corn Cake with Sweet Corn Frosting that perfectly illustrates how versatile corn can be. The main cake layers are made with fresh sweet corn that is pureed and reduced to intensify its flavor, along with cornmeal to give the cake a little extra texture. These layers are stacked together with a blueberry cake layer, made in much the same way, and held together with a blueberry filling. The cake is finished with a sweet corn white chocolate frosting and garnished, of course, with blueberries and corn kernels.
  • Plentytude‘s Frozen Honey Cheesecake Bars offer a way to enjoy a rich, creamy cheesecake on a hot afternoon when you need something to cool you down, as well as to fill you up. The cheesecake bars are made with a graham cracker crust and a very simply honey-sweetened cream cheese topping. The honey contrasts well with the slight tang of the cream cheese, and a hint of lemon juice makes all the flavors pop. The bars can also be eaten at room temperature, but the frozen version is a treat well-worth trying at least once!
  • Caramel-topped upside down cakes are always a good way to enjoy fruit and cake. The Beeroness made a perfect-for-fall upside down cake Caramel Apple Brown Ale Cake that is a great alternative to apple pie. The cake starts with a creamy ale-infused caramel sauce and sliced, fresh apples. It is topped with a spiced cake made with cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar and brown ale, which gives it a rich and surprisingly complex flavor that blends beautifully with the caramel. Serve slices while they are still warm from the oven, topped with ice cream or whipped cream!
  • Fresh peach cobbler is a wonderful dessert, but it is comfort food that you want to curl up with, not necessarily serve to company. One way to dress up cobbler is to bake it in individual dishes, rather than one large casserole dish. These Mini Peach Cobblers that FashionEdible baked are the perfect way to dress up some comfort food for a party. The cobblers have a brown sugar and peach filling that is spiked with triple sec, and they are topped with a tender buttermilk biscuit layer. If you’re not entertaining, these single-serving desserts can still be curled up with on the couch, just like the full size dessert!
  • If you’re looking for a more casual apple dessert, Taste of Lizzy T‘s Apple Butterscotch Snack Cake is a cake that you can enjoy in the middle of the afternoon or after dinner. The cinnamon-spiced cake is loaded with walnuts, fresh apples and butterscotch chips. The nuts add crunch, while the apples add a juicy-tart flavor. The butterscotch chips, while they can be overly sweet in some recipes, blend in with all the other flavors in this cake perfectly, adding a balanced brown sugar sweetness to each bite. With its short ingredient list, this is the kind of cake that is easy to make, in addition to being delicious, and it just might become a fall staple in your kitchen.

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  • ahu @ ahueats
    September 10, 2014

    Great roundup – I’ve been a longtime fan of the Beeroness but I’ve subscribed to a few others from your post! Cheers!

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