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  • Miss.cupcake.face was extremely astute to notice that most cake recipes that include oreo cookies to make a cookies-and-cream cake mix the cookies into the batter. She wanted to boost the Oreo flavor when she baked Oreo Cookies and Cream Cupcakes. The cupcakes are vanilla, filled with vanilla pastry cream, and topped with frosting made from vanilla buttercream and crushed Oreo cookies. Way to highlight the flavor!
  • Speaking of mix-ins, I don’t think that you could find a cookie that has more inclusions than Sunday Night Dinner‘s Everything Cookies. The cookies have a base that you might find in plain chocolate chip, but are packed with granola, raisins, oats, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and walnuts. There is definitely something in there for everyone, and since you can play around with the add-ins, this is a recipe that will never get boring.
  • I’ve had cookie stuffed with peanut butter and with chocolate, but the Banana-Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies from Clumbsy Cookie were a first for me. The cookies are made by placing a thick slice of ripe banana inside each ball of cookie dough before baking. The banana softens and the cookie crisps up around it. Chocolate always goes well with banana, but the fun of these cookies is that the filling is a complete surprise when you bite in.
  • Potato is a secret ingredient in many bread recipes. It doesn’t add a strong flavor, but it does add an unmatchable lightness and some moisture to a finished loaf. The Hungry Housewife made some Potato-Sour Cream Biscuits that take advantage of these properties. The biscuits are not made with yeast, so they’re quite quick to make, and taste rich from both buttermilk and sour cream.
  • Fairy cake is a fairly common British term used for cupcakes, but when you’re used to hearing “cupcake,” the name “fairy cake” tends to take on a whimsical quality that demands a little bit more of presentation. Once Upon a Plate hit the nail on the head with her Pink Rose Fairy Cakes. They look so light and delicate, topped with pink frosting and rose petals that really fit the fairy cake name. The cakes themselves are made from light-textured vanilla cake, and they have a lemon-laced frosting.
  • When you think of chocolate mousse, you probably envision something incredibly rich that is made with tons of chocolate and whipped cream. This might be an accurate description of many mousses, but not of Alice Medrich’s Albert’s Mousse. The recipe, posted by lemonpi uses no cream, and instead gets its light, fluffy texture from beaten eggs. The flavor still comes from top-quality melted chocolate. The mousse is easy to make and has a great chocolate flavor – and you can feel at least little less guilty about indulging in this dairy-free dessert.

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  • Leslie
    October 16, 2008

    Thank you so very much for talking about my little blog! You are very sweet!!! Thanks again!

  • Min
    October 27, 2008

    I have a question about the potato/sour cream biscuits. What would happen if you were to use the kind of sour cream that has chives already in it?

    I am urging a “savory biscuit” experiment, something that goes good with meat & potatoes…

  • Nicole
    October 27, 2008

    Min – Try it! It sounds like a very tasty idea!

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