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  • What better way to start off summer with some Strawberry Blueberry Pudding Pops from Taste and Tell. These pops start out with a vanilla pudding base that is flavored with fresh strawberries and fresh blueberries, then layered into pop molds to form brightly colored frozen treats that are the perfect solution to a hot summer day. The basic recipe here calls for instant pudding, which does work out great especially if you have kids and want them to help with the popsicle making process. You can also use a homemade vanilla pudding recipe (which makes great plain pudding pops) and incorporate the fruit into that before freezing if you want to start everything from scratch in your pops.
  • Both lemon and orange frequently make it into my muffin and scone recipes, but there is one citrus fruit that is often very underrepresented: grapefruit. Crumbly Cookie gave grapefruit a chance to shine in a batch of Grapefruit Honey and Yogurt Scones. The scones have a tender dough made with yogurt and butter, sweetened with a generous amount of honey and studded with pieces of grapefruit. You’ll need to supreme your grapefruit for the best results in this recipe, but the juicy sweetness of the fruit in the finished scones will make it worth the effort.
  • A fool is an easy-to-make dessert that starts with a fruit puree folded into some fluffy whipped cream. The result is mousse-like and elegant, especially when piled into some pretty serving dishes. Completely Delicious whipped up a Lime Blackberry Fool with some fresh blackberries. Adding a bit of lime juice brightens up the sweet berries and gives the dessert a refreshing lightness. A fool can be made slightly in advance and should be chilled before serving, but it can also be thrown together at the last minute with most fruits (especially berries) that you might have on hand.
  • Pound cake lovers should take note of My Baking Addiction‘s Lemon Cream Cheese Pound Cake. The dense, but tender, cake gets a lot of richness from both the butter and the cream cheese in the recipe. It’s a very versatile cake, one that is good for nibbling thin slices of when you’re at home on a lazy weekend day and one that is great to serve with fresh berries and whipped cream at a party. The lemon flavor comes from fresh lemon zest and could easily be substituted for orange zest or another flavoring if you want to have a different base flavor in your cake.
  • Sometimes a recipe can stand on its own and the Saturday Sangria at Aggie’s Kitchen is one of them. In fact, the picture of a big carafe of chilled sangria is all you need to tempt you into making a batch to enjoy in your backyard on the next warm weekend. The sangria is made with white wine and includes orange liqueur, peaches, fresh strawberries and fresh orange slices. Bright and summery, it is as pretty as it is refreshing.

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  • Aggie
    June 15, 2011

    Thanks so much for the Bite! 🙂

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