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Girl Scout Cookies Celebrate The World Cup

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The World Cup is one of the most watched sporting events in the world, one that soccer fans go crazy for and even non-soccer fans can get excited about. Girl Scouts also got excited about the World Cup matches and put together a short and sweet video pitting Thin Mints against Samoas – the two most popular Girl Scout cookie flavors – in a very tasty soccer match up. The video spoofs Uruguay’s Luis Suarez, a forward who also plays for Liverpool in the English Premier League, who was handed a 9 match ban from FIFA for biting an opponent during the first round of world cup play. In the Girl Scouts version, “Samoa Suarez” takes a bite out of a Thin Mint opponent after Thin Mints score a tie-breaking goal in the match.

Since Girl Scout cookies are out of season, you can’t replicate the match at home unless you have a few boxes tucked away in your freezer. Or, you can use my recipes to bake up some homemade Girl Scout Cookies. You can use them as stand-ins for soccer players unless you feel like making your own videos, but they’re also a great game-day snack if you simply want to eat some while cheering for your favorite teams.

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