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Bites from other BlogsStrawberry season is in full swing, and there are many ways that you can use up those gorgeous berries when they are at their peak. These recipes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to strawberry sweets, but they’re a great place to get your own strawberry baking started.

  • Although strawberries can be eaten any time of day, many of us focus on strawberry desserts in the summer. One way to bring them into breakfast is Barbara CooksStrawberry Split Donuts. These are cinnamon sugar-topped buttermilk donuts, that are split open and stuffed with whipped cream and lots of fresh strawberries. They’re like no shortcakes you’ve ever had, and you don’t need to wait for dessert to eat them. You can also add raspberries or blueberries into the mix with the strawberries to bring in even more berry flavor.
  • Fresh fruit popsicles are a great summer treat and they’re always better than the popsicles that you probably remember buying from the ice cream truck as a kid. These Strawberry Yogurt Popsicles with Mint from In My Red Kitchen are a refreshing and delicious way to serve up some fresh berries this summer. The popsicles are very easy to make, and unlike ice cream or frozen yogurt, you don’t need to churn your base to get a good finished popsicle. Go ahead and prepare a big batch and fill up your freezer, that way you’ll have some on hand when the next heat wave hits.
  • Chocolate and strawberries are a wonderful combination. Even though chocolate doesn’t always feature prominently in summer desserts, these Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes from Kawaii Kitchen. These vegan cupcakes are moist and tender, with a good strawberry flavor that comes from a very generous dose of strawberry puree in the batter. They’re topped with a whipped ganache frosting – also vegan, and made with dark chocolate. Top them with a strawberry slice and you’re read to serve them.
  • Boulder Locavore made exceptionally good use of fresh strawberries in a batch of Miniature Strawberry Buttermilk Buckles. These cobbler-like desserts are filled with fruit for a moist, tender interior that contrast well with a crisp, buttery streusel topping. The recipe will make four individual desserts, and if you happen to have a set of miniature cast-iron pans, the presentation will look fun and rustic. If you don’t have a set – and don’t quite have room to tuck one into your kitchen – you could also make these in small individual baking dishes. No matter what you bake them in, serve them with a side of ice cream, because it will go fantastically well with the still-warm buckle when it is fresh from the oven.

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