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  • Malted milk and chocolate is a great combination, whether you’re indulging in a candy bar, enjoying an old fashioned milkshake at a diner or baking up a batch of Malted Milk Chocolate Whoopie Pies from Bakingdom‘s recent recipe. These whoopie pies start with a malted milk chocolate cookie, which are made with a generous amount of malted milk powder to ensure that that malt flavor is distinct. Once baked, they’re filled with malted milk buttercream and chopped up Whoppers, a chocolate and malt candy that adds a nice crunch to the whoopies while blending in nicely with the other flavors in this treat.
  • Citrus and Vanilla‘s Chocolate Custard Pots with Peanut Cream look like a simple, yet elegant, dessert. What you can’t tell just from looking at the picture, however, is how much flavor is packed into these little cups and what a good flavor every element brings to the mix. The pots start with a rich chocolate custard, made with good quality dark chocolate. That layer is topped with a peanut-infused white chocolate panna cotta, which adds a subtle but delicious peanut flavor to the mix. Before serving, each pot is topped off with a slice or two of grilled banana and some chocolate shavings.
  • There are many different types of gluten free flour out there, and it is easy to stick to premixed mixes if you want to do a little gluten free baking. Unique flours, however, can bring a lot to the table and it is worth experimenting with them even if you’re not eating gluten free. Cookie Madness has been playing around with coconut flour lately, and hit on a recipe for Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chip Cookies that is definitely worth trying. The cookies are dark, chocolatey and easy enough for anyone to make. They run on the cakey side of the cookie spectrum, which means that they might be a great candidate for being turned into ice cream sandwiches in the summertime, too.
  • Pound cakes aren’t as popular as they should be, mostly because they look simple compared to a towering layer cake with piles of frosting. They’re usually easy to make and result in a dense, tender cake that is always satisfying as dessert or with a cup of coffee as a snack. The View from Great Island put a little extra flavor into your typical pound cake with a Roasted Cardamom and Coffee Pound Cake. This cake is rich with butter and sour cream, but it is even richer in flavor. It is made with freshly toasted and ground cardamom, complimented by a generous amount of espresso powder that gives the cake an earthiness and balances well with the cardamom. This one is topped with a vanilla bean glaze, though this cake is the kind that really needs no adornment to be delicious.

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