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6 Sweet Treats to Make for St Patrick’s Day

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Vanilla and Lime Marble Cupcakes

St Patrick’s Day is a holiday that many of us celebrate by wearing green and eating Irish – or at least Irish-inspired – food. Any holiday celebration that involves food is worth celebrating, and you can really have some fun with St Patrick’s Day desserts by infusing them with some color and some Irish spirit.

Vanilla and Lime Marble Cupcakes may not sound like an Irish dessert, but these cupcakes are swirled with a bright splash of green batter that makes them a colorful choice perfect for St Patrick’s Day celebrations. There is a splash of green in the frosting, as well, so you get plenty of color even before you take a bite out of one of these.

Shamrock Chocolate Peppermint Cookies are easy to make chocolate wafer cookies topped with peppermint shamrocks, drawn with green tinted icing. I like to do a mixture of three and four leaf clovers. Eating them will make you feel a little lucky – and a little minty!

Avocado Ice Cream isn’t a flavor that you’re going to find in most frozen food sections, but the ultra-creamy fruit actually makes a great base for a refreshing ice cream flavor. You might be surprised by how well avocado, which is usually seen in savory dishes, translates into a dessert in this rum-spiked recipe. And the bright green color makes this a good choice for St Patrick’s Day, as well as any hot day during the summer.

Chocolate Stout Cake

A Chocolate Stout Sheet Cake can use either Guinness – always a favorite drink for this holiday – or another chocolatey stout beer. It may not be green, but when made with Guinness it definitely has enough Irish spirit in it to work perfect for St Patrick’s Day and appease chocoholics.

Homemade Irish Cream is a delicious liqueur that you can make yourself at home. Unlike some of these other recipes, this one doesn’t involve any green food coloring (although there is no reason you couldn’t turn it green if you really wanted to). It’s not too strong, so you can enjoy its sweet, creamy flavor without feeling like you’re overindulging.

Irish Cream Brownies are just one example of a dessert that you can make where Irish cream is the star. These fudgy brownies use a very generous amount of the liqueur in the batter and they’re finished with an Irish cream glaze. They’re a pretty grown up brownie – but it’s nice to have a sweet treat for the adults once in a while. And they go very well with a little Irish cream over ice or an Irish Coffee.

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