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Chef’n PinPair

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Chef'n PinPair
The Chef’n PinPair is a unique rolling pin that offers bakers a two for one deal on must-have kitchen tool. The PinPair combines a straight sided silicone rolling pin and a tapered wood rolling pin in one piece of kitchen equipment. The silicone portion is like an outer sleeve, that screws into place around the tapered wood pin. The handles of the wooden pin protrude from the edges of the silicone sleeve for easy gripping. The silicone rolling pin is great for working with sticky doughs, such as cookie doughs, where having a nonstick surface on your rolling pin really helps your dough roll out more easily. The tapered french rolling pin is great for pie crusts and more delicate doughs, where you need a little more control over the amount of pressure that you use on the dough. The pin also saves you some storage space, since you only need to make room for one rolling pin while getting the functionality of two. Both rolling pins can be hand washed after use and should be thoroughly dried before they are put back together for long term storage.

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