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Nordic Ware Citrus Loaf Pan

Citrus Loaf Pan
I recently saw a great Lemon Loaf Pan from Nordic Ware that featured a lovely lemon design, with whole and cut lemons surrounded by a few leaves. It seemed like the perfect pan for baking my Lemon Loaf Cake. Not long after, however, I saw another lemon pan that just might be even better.

This Citrus Loaf Pan is also from Nordic Ware and it is topped with a sculpted layer of lemon rounds. Of course, those rounds could easily stand in for slices of orange or grapefruit if you are baking a citrus cake with another citrus flavor, too. The citrus relief is detailed, but the details are simple enough that you shouldn’t encounter too many corners where the cake will want to stick during baking and your loaves should turn out perfectly every time. The pan has a nonstick interior and is made of heavy duty cast aluminum, which will help ensure that the loaf browns evenly all over. If you want to give yourself a little insurance, simply grease and flour the pan before baking to further define the details of those citrus slices.

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